2x CACIB in Serbia & CACIB Nitra



CH. Bohemia Brilliant 

Nitra - Ex.1 CAC, CACIB under breed judge Mrs. Ligita Zake /LT/

Gornji Milanovac - Ex.1 CAC, CACIB, BOB under Mr. Dimitry Prozorov /RUS/

Čačak - Ex.1 CAC, CACIB, BOS under Mr.Antonio Mravevic /ME/

22221738 10212724389657092 3985470415704654124 n

Thanks to all judges for their high opinion about my Emma :)



Special show of CKCHS Pezinok


91 entries, judged by: Mr.Richard Morrison /UK/


CH. Bohemia Brilliant - Ex.1/2 CAC in champion class, WINNER OF COLOUR !!!

Fatamorgana Magic Noblesse - Ex.2/4 RES.CAC in open class (owned by Mrs.Vladena Jaluvkova)

CH. Artemis from Semiramida´s garden - VG1/3 in veteran class


Very happy about these results! 


21462644 10212527564816594 4066377130695848833 n

Emma -Winner of colour 


21688246 1791089530905674 551708774460104230 o

Fatamorgana Magic Noblesse - r.CAC/4 (Photo by E. Stloukal)

 21740353 1791548854193075 4768280364234455142 n

My 10y old princess Artemis absolutely adores to be in the ring :) (Photo by E.Stloukal)



European Dog Show Kiev /UA/



CH. Bohemia Brilliant - Ex.1/7 CAC - CLASS WINNER AT EDS´17 !!!

I´m SO happy and proud of Emma! She did it again at such an important event as the European dog show.

Thanks to our judge breed specialist Mrs. Sylvie Desserne /FR/


Congratulations to all winners from us!

21077488 10212426053198867 4383881269217736735 n

Thank you Valeria Yurtaeva for this amazing photo

21191896 10212449207937721 7092746786530170285 n

Class winners bitches at EDS´17 with our judge

21106803 1543716812317617 2633704154843155039 n

I can´t forget to show results from this show of a boy I show since his puppyhood

CH. VASART NA POLE ON POBEDITEL (Russian Sighthound Borzoi)

Thursday (IDS by EDS)- CAC, CACIB, BOS

Friday  (NDS by EDS) - CAC, BOB

Saturday (EDS) - RES.CAC/4 in strong champion class


Well done Polik!



CACIB Bratislava

Unfortunately, I have no time to inform you at this webpage about all handling results from each show, but usually all updates you can always find on FB.  This weekend "Emma" took a rest at home before our trip to the European dog show in Ukrajine. So let´s share after a long time just these results :)


SOBERS CASPAR (English Greyhound) - JBOB, BOB, BIG, r. BEST IN SHOW !!!

It was my pleasure to show this only 11 months old boy and win among 1696 dogs!


MUGUIRIS VULKAN (Coton de Tulear) -  Ex.1 CAJC, JBOB, BOB + shortlist TOP 5 BIG !!!

ACAI DU QUARTZ BLANC (Pyrenean Mountian Dog ) - Ex.1 CAC, CACIB, BOB!

DANCING MOON BLACK AVATAR (Flat coated retriever) - Ex.1 CAC, R.CACIB!

BRUNEI IVEPET (Lhasa apso) - Ex. 1 CAC, CACIB, BOS!


Thanks to all owners for trust!


20914304 10212372249013796 479903842450093988 n




CACIB Zakopane /PL/

CH. Bohemia Brilliant - Ex.1/2 CAC, CACIB, BOS !!!

Judge: Mr.Jaroslav Matyáš - thank you!


20728324 10212317774091957 4168078315918024683 n



CACIB & CAC Debrecen /HU/



CH. Bohemia Brilliant 

CAC show - Ex.1 CAC, BOB, judge: Mr. Mitra Calin /RO/ 

CACIB show- Ex.1 CAC, CACIB, BOS, judge: Mr. Andrasz Korosz /HU/


20245871 10212140396017616 8886651598971940366 n





2x CACIB Velká Ida /SK/

CH. Bohemia Brilliant 

Saturday - Ex.1/2 CAC, R.CACIB, judge: Mrs.Monika Kuriata Okarmus /PL/

Sunday - Ex.1 CAC, CACIB, BOS, judge: Mrs. Viera Stloukalová /SK/


19701979 10211943030323597 4690299379171119848 n




Our summer Maltese adventure!


Hello from Malta! 


2 x CACIB Blue Lagoon Dog show


JCH. Bohemia Brilliant - 2x Ex.1/2 CAC, CACIB, BOB !!!

+ shorlisted in TOP 5 for BIG! 



We were very happy to see at this show on of our boys

JCH. Gin Tonic Magic Noblesse - 2x Ex.1/2 CAJC, JBOB, BOS !!!

Thanks to his owner from Malta - Olga Buttigieg for her care and love of our Gingi :)


We are happy to compete with local, austrian, italian and finnish cavaliers.

Thanks to both judges Mr. Janusz Opara /PL/ & Mr. Stelois Makaritis /GB/ and Malta kennel club for their hospitality!


19145828 10211737679229948 2417800734053042971 n

My new Maltese Champion 

19105807 10211737681109995 3334576053812852099 n

I think we have to show more often in Malta - for those who know about what I´m talking about LOL

19029740 10211737474664834 4883891211333868823 n

CACIB & res.CACIB (from Finland)

19260234 10211756944871577 5024693675631077919 n

JCH. GIN TONIC Magic Noblesse

(JCH.Homesweet´s No Limit x Amsterdam Lady Magic Noblesse)

19149227 10211756941031481 3316469556651076886 n



Derby dog show Nitra /SK/

 JCH. Bohemia Brilliant - Ex.1 CAC, CACIB, BOS !!!


 Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt crufts logo

18839573 10211661258799485 8039653801225961808 o

Photos by Roland Furi

ja a emma

I´m very proud of Emma! Thanks to the judge Mr. Jaroslav Matyáš /SK/




IDS Lučenec /SK/



Judge: Mrs.Katalin Radvanszky /HU/ 

Jch. Bohemia Brilliant "Emma" - CAC, CACIB, BOS !!!

Jch. Masterpiece Elensis - The Royal Choice "Nicky" - res.CAC

18342595 10211425546666829 8712288371753820284 n


18341663 10211442172682469 3113929420819274044 n

Me & Nicky

18301557 10211433374862529 3580767533352373416 n

I showed many nice dogs this weekend and because I often don´t have time to  show it here (just on FB) I want to show you the most succesful one : JCH. Fifty Cent Black Avatar - 2xCAJC, BOB & 2xJBIG !!!

This young Flat coated retriever is just 10 months old and he already finished his JUNIOR CHAMPION titel and achieved twice BEST OF BREED! Owned by Petra Puciková - thank you for trust!




Jubilee & Special cavalier show Pezinok



Judges: Norma & Gordon Inglis (kennel Craigowl - UK)


Jch. Bohemia Brilliant

Ex.1/8 CAC under Mrs. Norma Inglis

Ex.1/8 CAC under Mr. Gordon Inglis


Edith Piaf Magic Noblesse 

Ex.2/10 res. CAC under Mrs. Norma Inglis

Ex./10 under Mr.Gordon Inglis

- showed by her owner Martina Bernold -


GCh.Artemis from Sermiramida´s garden

Ex.1/5 in veteran class under Mrs.Norma Inglis

Ex.1/3 in veteran class under Mr. Gordon Inglis


I´m super proud of these results under breed specialits and well known breeders from England.

Thank you!

18198254 10211351594218064 47043134161038647 n

Just Emma...

Emma Anna


Emma rossette

.... and our granny (granny?!),lol

winning dance




Emma is new JCH SK!

April´ 17


At the International dog show in Bratislava "Emma" (Bohemia Brilliant) finished her


in intermedia class with her first Slovak CAC.  We are very happy!

Emma uprav


Edith Piaf Magic Noblesse - Ex.1/4 CAC in open class!

Congratulations and thanks for her presentation to her owner Martina Bernold.


uprav Edith



Cavicada in Poland


We are back from the biggest cavalier show in Poland - Cavicada judged by breed specialist: 

Mr. Ernie Paterson /UK/


Bohemia Brilliant "Emma" - Ex.1/15 CAJC, JBOB !!!

Edith Piaf Magic Noblesse "Sissi" - Ex.3/15 in intermedia class!

CH.Artemis from Semiramida´s garden - Ex.2/8 in veteran class!


The girls were showed in biggest classes at the show and I´m really proud of their achievements!

Thanks to the judge and all involved :)


17361707 1384335368296302 1148348227077204287 n

Thank you Agata & Marcin for the photo and congratulations to all winners!

17353350 10206908219578841 4774938588643214020 n

And I´m SO proud of you Emma...

17424977 10206908231379136 3808202774959552723 n

Princess Sissi - Edith Piaf 

17264948 10206908246139505 1030880837570101701 n

The best at the end - my love Artemis 2nd in strong veteran class out of 8! 

Thank you Anna Derleta for these lovely photos once again :)



Show marathon in Hunngary and Slovakia




JCH. Masterpiece Elensis - The Royal Choice 

(CH. Angel´s Pride Kasanova x CH. Chante z Vrchu Kralu)


2x JCAC (HPJ), 2x JBOB, BOS on Thursday and BOB on Friday!

16924247 10210744498001038 102406486 n

 Very proud of our Nicky which is only 15 months old and beated the adults dogs both days!

and Emma? 

emma buda

Our Emma was also a brave girl during this show marathon.

Bohemia Brilliant 

In Budapest - 2x CAC, r.CACIB 

In Bratislava - CAJC, JBOB, JBIG TOP 3 !!!


On Saturday during the Victory show in Bratislava was shown our veteran girl.

CH. Artemis from Semiramida´s garden 

Ex.1 & Victory Veteran Winner 


Very happy from all my doggies :)

More results from these shows (handling of other dogs) very soon.



Joko is a new champion!

February ´17


Our sweetheart "Joko" (C.I.B. Roya Romance BAXXTER) is a new CHAMPION OF SLOVENIA!

Already his 4th adult champion titel and now he is not only Interchampion but also "unofficial" Multi champion! Well done my darling! You showed your socks off at CACIB Ljubljana and got Ex.1 CAC & r.CACIB under Mr.Bruno Nodalli from Italy - Thank you! 

joko de

Soon it´s Joko´s Birthday and I want to wish him and his siblings a VERY HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY! 

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt happy birthday gif

I still cannot believe that from such a sweet puppy is now a 4 years old gentleman... look how cute he was!

912898 4809667885042 1027857744 n



Emma rocked at her 1st dog show!



Winter dog show Nitra /SK/

Bohemia Brilliant - Ex.1/5 CAJC, JBIG IX.FCI !!!

Thanks to the breed judge Mr.Hans Bierwolf /AT/ & group judge: Mr. Željko Lozic/RS/!

emma zmes

Very proud of my Emma and her 1st show together with me!



Welcome Emma!



15318025 1264765083588942 2293743903863991845 n

Very happy to introduce you our new girl, hope from Russia.

Thank you Olga & Max Ryabinin one more time!



Artemis rocked again!

Artemis uprav


GCH. ARTEMIS from Semiramida´s garden


3.12.2016 CACIB Nitra

Ex.1, Veteran Winner, TOP6 shortlisted in BIS VETERAN!

4.12.2016 CACIB Nitra

Nitra - Ex.1, Veteran Winner & BOS !!!



This was our last show for 2016. It was an amazing year and thanks for everyone who took a part of it!

Thank you Artemis! You rocked fantastic in veteran class this year and I can´t be more proud!




CACIB Kielce /PL/



I´m glad to start with the biggest succes of this nice show weekend ....


Ex.1/8 CAC, CACIB, BOS !!!

Under breed specialist: Mrs. Tanja Engel (Angel´s Pride kennel)


15045579 10206020265740550 2038410099 n


15135984 10206031237094827 2638648351744040328 n


15109572 10206031223934498 7741828778065322087 n



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